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what do kids think about us

“I love the breadboard and wiring!”
“I want to bring my project to school to show my friends all the features!”

Zissis, 10 years old

“It’s satisfying and I feel accomplished”

Joey, 12 years old

“It’s like running a marathon, and I get to an excellent place at the end.”
“Seeing all my hard work turned into a nice little thing, it just feels great!”

Chen, 12 years old

“My teacher will WOW and want me to do Show and Tell with this!”
“I will tell my friends this is fascinating!”

Hao, 8 years old

Arduino Boards and Kits

We are now partner with Arduino and providing better programming learning sources to you. You can find Arduino Boards and more from our store.


Opening Hours

Hands-on Robotic Coding Projects for 10-15+

Every Weekday: 9:30 to 16:30