Mentoring for personalised Arduino project development

Why CircuitsFun Mentoring Service

CircuitsFun Mentoring service provides everything students need to learn to program their own projects.  We have four options for different students' need and the way they want to learn.

Certification Essentials

Certify your knowledge of Arduino in the field of Programming and electronics by taking CircuitsFun Certification Essentials. Throughout the learning journey, you will encounter a set of knowledge of Eletricity, Programming syntax, electronic components, Arduino IDE, Frequency and Duty cycle, Circuits and schematics, Programming logic and Arduino boards.

The exam is based on the concepts introduced in the Arduino Starter Kit, as it offers everything you need (components, project book and support) to get started with Arduino, coding and electronics in a hands-on way

What includes:

  • Arduino Starter Kit
  • One-time code give you access to the certification exam
  • 6-month access to CircuitsFun practising review quiz to prepare for the Quiz exam


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Beginner Essentials

  • Arduino Fundamentals Bundle;
  • Two attempts to Arduino Certification Exam;
  • Weekly sessions to help you learn different aspects of your project through the Starter Kit projects; 
  • CircuitsFun knowledge review quiz helps you preparing the Arduino Certification Exam

$ 799

   Project    Essentials

  • Project idea refining consultation session
  • Project developing consultation session
  • Project code and circuits files and diagram
  • Guarantee working electronic components and coding

from $ 1,459


    Beginner essentials


    Project essentials

from $ 1,949