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Event Recap...


This March 16th, CIRCUiTS FUN celebrated ARDUINO DAY 2019 together with the official ARDUINO at UNSW Roundhouse.

We would like to give a big shout out to the group of people who joined our Arduino Day Event - ‘Get started in Arduino’ on last Saturday!

It was our pleasure to meet you all and listen to your curiosity and passion in circuiting and programming. We were so glad to see people enjoyed the basic instruction projects and the Ultra Sound Ruler advanced project.

We have received a lot of positive feedback saying that our website is very helpful in facilitating the learning process for entry-level users. Some people would like to explore more of Arduino because of the session! Some would like us to host more workshops!

All your feedback, comments and suggestions for improvements are very much appreciated!

We are planning for more face-to-face workshops, stay tuned by subscribing our newsletter

Event Recap...

UNSW O-Week Entry Level Arduino Projects Challenge

CIRCUiTS FUN Team had a wonderful time with everyone who came to our workshop during UNSW 2019 O-Week. We are happy to see that all of the visitors walked out of the workshop with their first (most of the visitors) functional Arduino robotic projects.

The enjoyment that the user gets through the making and programming process is the affirmation of our vision.

'it turns a simple procedure to easy procedure'
'Brings me a lot of fun'
'sensor is easy to use with and it is interesting '
'How simple it was to code.'


2019 UNSW O-Week Arduino Challenge Workshop