A Personalised Arduino Mentoring For Individual Student Projects from $799


Why CircuitsFun Mentoring Service

For many Grade 11-18+ students, having a strong support system is the key to truly learning to code. Time and time again, we’ve seen that quality mentorship makes the difference. The difference between rapid progress vs. long nights stuck on a single error. Between truly understanding a complex topic vs. having a vague idea and hoping for the best. Between succeeding today vs. pushing it off for another time


What You Get

CircuitsFun Arduino Mentoring service provides everything students need to program their own projects including a programmable Arduino UNO circuit board and various electronic parts. We have three options for different students' need and the way they want to learn.

Beginner Essentials

        • Arduino Fundamentals Bundle (Arduino Starter Kit and access to Arduino certification exam)
        • Weekly 1-on-1 sessions to help you learn different aspects of your project through the Starter Kit projects;
        • Knowledge review quiz helps you preparing the Arduino Certification Exam

Project Essentials

        • 1-on-1 Project idea refining session
        • Project code and circuits files and diagram
        • Guarantee working electronic components and coding
      • Have restriction on time? Come and talk to us about your project idea. We will make sure your project on track.

Bundle Package