Force-Sensing Resistor FSR402




FSR402 is part of the single zone Force Sensing Resistor family. Force Sensing Resisotrs, or FSRs, are robust polymer thick film (PTF) devices that exhibit a decrease in resistance with increase in force applied to the surface of the sensor. This force sensitivity is optimized for use in human touch control of electronic devices such as automotive electronics, medical systems, and in industrial and robotics applications.The standard 402 sensor is a round sensor 18.28 mm in diameter. Custom sensors can be manufactured in sizes ranging from 5 mm to over 600mm.

  • Actuation Force: 0.1 Newtons;
  • Force Sensitivity Range: 0.1-10 Newtons
  • Size: 18.28 mm diameter;
  • Operating Temperature: -30 Celsius to +70 Celsius;

MAKE iT WORK Basic Instruction Kit

Check MAKE iT WORK - FSR402 Force Sensing Resistor for basic instruction.