KY-012 Active Buzzer Module




Active Buzzer Module KY-012 Arduino module, it produces a single-tone sound when the signal is high. To produce different tones use the KY-006 Passive Buzzer module. The KY-012 Active Buzzer module consists of an active piezoelectric buzzer, it generates a sound of approximately 2.5kHz when the signal is high.

Operating Voltage 3.5V to 5V
Maximum Current 30mA / 5VDC
Resonance Frequency 2500Hz ± 300Hz
Minimum Sound Output 85Db @ 10cm
Working Temperature -20°C ~ 70°C [-4°F ~ 158°F]
Storage Temperature -30°C ~ 105°C [-22°F ~ 221°F]


MAKE iT WORK Basic Instruction Kit

Check MAKE iT WORK - KY-012 Active Buzzer Module for basic instruction.