KY-033 Tracing Obstacle Avoidance Sensor




The sensor detects if a light reflecting or absorbing area is in front of it. It shows which of the 2 area it is via digital output. The sensitivity (minimum range) of the sensor can be adjusted by the controller. This behaviour can be used to automatically follow a line with a robot.

  • Infrared Reflective sensor: TCRT5000
  • The working voltage: 2.5V -12V (the use of low power supply voltage, high power supply voltage, sensor life will be shorter, 5-volt power supply is the preferred power supply)
  • Current: 18-30mA,optimum performance
  • Detecting an object, the final output signal level is low; not detecting any object, and the final output signal is high;
  • The TTL level sensor output can be connected directly to the microcontrollers IO port 3.3 volts or 5 volts;

MAKE iT WORK Basic Instruction

Check MAKE iT WORK - KY-033 Tracing Obstacle Module for basic instruction.