L298N Motor Control Drive Module




Using the powerful L298N Dual Motor Driver, this module allows full control of two DC Motors or one stepper-motor. Features back-EMF and over-temperature protection, it is ideally suited to drive two-motor robot kits such as our KR-3130 & KR-3132. An on-board 5V regulator can also be used to power your project.

  • The module using ST L298N chipset, has strong driver capability, afterflow protection diode, more stable and reliable.
  • Logical voltage 5V. Drive voltage 5V-35V Drive current 2A(MAX single bridge). Max power 25W Storage temperature: -25 ~ +130
  • Size:43*43*27mm Use large-capacity filter capacitors and diode with freewheeling protection function, increasing reliability
  • Dual-channel H-bridge driver working mode creates higher working efficiency
  • To avoid damage the voltage stabilizing chip, please use an external 5V logic supply when using more than 12V driving voltage
  • Screw Terminals for easy connections
  • LEDs show power and output status
  • Requires six digital pins
  • 4 mounting holes
  • Width:69mm
  • Height:36mm
  • Depth:56mm
  • Required Supply Voltage:3V-30V
  • Sensor: ICL298N

    Package included

    • 1* L298N Dual Motor Driver Module

    MAKE iT WORK Basic Instruction Kit

    Check MAKE iT WORK - L298N Motor Control Drive and One DC Motor for basic instruction.